Change the Way You Communicate
With goteam! you speed up content creation, turnaround time, and approval cycles with real-time collaboration. Email lists are impersonal, siloed, and are frequently missing people.

Create Content Faster and communicate effectively
Accelerate approval cycles, streamline communications, and simultaneously work on documents without a single email. Instantly deliver important announcements and gather feedback across the organization.

Collaborate with Global Teams
Work more efficiently with partners, vendors, and agencies on goteam!. Executives get to see conversations that either wouldn't have gone on at all, would've gone on in private emails, or would've gone on in face-to-face conversations and not been captured anywhere. goteam! allows a huge flow of information upward.


Connected from anywhere
Bring sales reps together to compare tactics and share competitive insights. Access your entire organization in seconds to give sales reps what they need, when they need it.

Coordinate and collaborate efficiently
Communicate with customers and collaborate with partners on separate goteam! networks to build stronger, more productive relationships.

Stay Connected in the Field
Keep your team constantly connected to coworkers and customers with goteam’s mobile applications for iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone.


Maximize Client Success
Manage projects more efficiently, instantly identify experts within your organization, and keep your clients engaged at every stage of the project.

Share Best Practice
Find and leverage experts in your organization to deliver exceptional, informed solutions. Share best practices across a globally distributed team.

Drive Repeat Business
Stay connected to clients after delivery to maintain strong client relationships and earn future business.


Improve On-Boarding Processes
Help new hires ramp up faster by connecting them to relevant people, tools, information and relevant Know-How.

Engage, Retain and Develop Your Employees
Engage your employees and reduce turnover by transforming your company into a deeply engaged community. Boost morale, performance, and productivity by connecting your company on goteam!.

Empower Employees
Give everyone a voice, facilitate sharing, and cultivate a collaborative culture.

Recognize, Reward and Retain
Easily recognize achievements, identify influencers, and openly praise employees on a company-wide social network.

Accelerate Learning and Development
Foster formal and informal peer learning across the company. What makes people most successful is not what they learn from the content of the programs provide, but what they learn from one another.


goteam!’s combination of putting faces to names and having conversations in one centrally accessible place creates a fantastic sense of community
Transform Your Marketing Strategy and Execution
Create, coordinate, and track marketing campaigns as a team all in one place.

Build Your Brand
Align employees, agencies, and partners behind consistent company messaging and positioning via goteam! internal and external networks.

Go Viral
Engage your customers on a goteam! external network to transform them into brand advocates and stimulate viral awareness.

Collaborate on Content
Work together to create, edit, and approve copy and creative without a single email or meeting.

goteam! allows to accelerate and how to spread ideas and great work around the network.


Drive Innovation and Go to Market Faster
Connect your team on goteam! to spark conversations and crowd-source innovation. Collaborate openly and efficiently to reduce work cycles, uncover original ideas, and be the first one to market.

Put simply, goteam! leads to more innovation. It can lead to huge savings and create similarly huge increases in revenue because ideas can be grown collaboratively on goteam! that might not otherwise have been cultivated.

Increase Project Efficiency
Enable teams and partners to collaborate and meet program objectives on time, on budget.

Connect with Customers
Capture the voices of your customers and partners to get their feedback in an efficient and engaging way.


On-time Delivery
Easy to set up and painless to administer, goteam! enables secure collaboration throughout your entire company to achieve unparalleled business agility. Streamline tasks and manage implementations within your IT team so you can free up resources.

Complete Projects Faster
Facilitate teamwork, track execution, and simplify communication across complex IT projects.

Maximize IT Resources
Build an IT knowledge base to eliminate redundancy and archive system expertise. Empower employees to find answers independently with a tool they will voluntarily adopt.

Transform Existing Investments
Increase employee engagement by adding social and mobile capabilities. Enable employees to find content across your entire IT ecosystem with Universal Search.